Friday, April 13, 2012

The one

I used to think I dress the way I do because I want to be seen as someone strong and confident -- but now I realize that's not enough anymore. Lately, I've been oozing in confidence when it comes to choosing whatever the hell I want to wear in the morning (can you feel the confidence oozing from these words?). In fact, if I had to choose two words to describe my overall style these days they'd be: "Man Repellant".

Oh yes, this blogger right here is a devout disciple of Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. If fashion were religion (which to some it is), The Man Repeller would be my bible. My holy scripture. The woman is stylish, refreshing, and most importantly hilarious. It's so refreshing to see a fashion blogger who doesn't take themselves too seriously -- I haven't seen much of this type in the fashion blogosphere.

My love for the blog mentioned above is relevant to this post because it is responsible for the one item that's been constantly on my mind lately: the perfect print blazer.
The Man Repeller herself pulling off the most amazing look with a floral print blazer. 
And now, for the life of me, I can't seem to go anywhere without the lust for that fine piece haunting me. I've skimmed through countless of web stores hoping to find a piece of equal magnificence but I just can't.

When I do find an amazing piece....they don't come wallet friendly. There was also this one heartbreaking incident where the right blazer with the right price does not deliver to the right country (or continent). I've never lusted for something more unattainable. Except for maybe Ryan Gosling.

Retail stores I frequent to in Indonesia do have their own share of these print blazers. Forever 21, although their usual campaigned styles are always against the point of man repelling, actually has some pretty decent pieces. And Zara's floral print blazers are gorgeous.

However, I've challenged myself to try and find pieces from stores other than the usual stores I go to (Inditex brands are really popular here). So tomorrow, or Sunday, I'm going....thrift shopping!

In order to see what's so exciting about this, you'd have to read the next blog post. I'm thinking, post-thrift shopping and hopefully, after I find "the one".

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