Thursday, April 12, 2012

A short introduction. Sort of.

Trust me when I say I've spent the last 2 days trying to figure out what my first blog post was going to be about. Should I just write an introductory paragraph? Should I post a picture of myself? What sort of self-portrait would capture the real me? Should I try to be witty, or funny, or apathetic, or intellectual?

Of course, I end up right here - where it's nearly midnight - in my bed typing whatever pops into my head on my computer. No I'm not uninspired (if I were then it'd mean I'm always uninspired), this is what usually happens. I mean I spent over 2 hours with the "Sign Up" page open because I couldn't think of a blog name before I ended up making up another word which I thought sounded cool.

Anyway here's me looking pretty happy: (Picture credit goes to a very adorable boy in Japan whom I miss dearly)

I would post a picture where my face isn't as distorted, but it is now over midnight and I'm really not in the mood to take myself seriously. So here are some bullet points, pivotal things (or small warnings) you'd need to know about me if you plan on keeping up with this blog for a long time (which I sincerely hope you do /smiles)

  • My name is Nadia, I am turning 17 this year and I currently reside in Indonesia
  • Female. Although I hope you would have worked that out on your own. 
  • I'm a huge contradiction. I am both studious and a slacker. I plan on getting a degree in material engineering (hope you haven't heard that one on a fashion blog before). I love the sciences and maths, what can I say? 
  • I don't really have a personal style. My mood and destination (and most importantly, the hours of sleep I got) usually determines what I wear. But if I had to, I'd say boho chic with a slight hint of prep. (But then again I might surprise you and show up wearing a crop top and daisy dukes. Again: you were warned.)
  • I am highly unpredictable. Mood swings are normal. (I would say I'm bipolar but my parents never bothered finding out....then again I am a teenage girl.)

You might also be interested to know what the content of this blog will be. Again, bullet points for your convenience. 
  • Fashion. More specifically: trends I like, what I'm wearing, where I find my treasures.
  • Food. I am a huge foodie. 
  • Personal posts. My days might not be a reality show (yet) but still, I will blog about them. A lot. 
  • Music, Television, Movies, Book reviews. 
  • Anything really (see above warnings)
If you read the novel-length intro above - and if by any chance you enjoyed it - feel free to stick around because more gems are coming your way. And hey, really, I could use the friends. 

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