Wednesday, April 18, 2012

probably nothing of your interest.

Here are some facts you should know:
1) Most first and second year high school students in Indonesia are on a break right now because the seniors are facing their final exams.
2) I go to a school where I don't get to be most students.

Weekdays mean I don't get to go out and dress up, this is why I keep failing to post pictures of any looks (/sad). I am determined that I am going to though! Friday's pretty near and I'm going to attend my friend's birthday dinner.

Also, my floral blazer's here!! <-- double exclamation marks for more emphasis on my excitement.

On a more personal note, to those of you who might still be interested in reading, my friend's actual birthday was yesterday and.....

(extra points to those of you who clicked 'read more') we surprised her with a cake! Oh and we obviously took pictures.

If by any chance you can't tell, I'm the fool who's smiling too much.

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